The Secret of Capitalist Resilience. Political Analysis of Maria Anthi

The Secret of Capitalist Resilience. Political Analysis of Maria Anthi

The Secret of Capitalist Resilience. Political Analysis of Maria Anthi


Although the concept of capitalism is not popular with many people, almost everyone thinks that the system is invulnerable. They believe this because all signifiers say the same thing.

Great communicators, scientists, economists, have this belief. But it’s simple, because all these elites are well paid and they can’t get that money any other way.

The acquisition is done in many fields and systematically since all this or the elite acts as a spokesperson for the system. It is the secret, which touches even the field of research that is not in the interest of capital, it is fatally doomed to be lost for years, it is an inviolable law but that is another story …

People who do not manage the economy and administration, even if they believe otherwise, can do nothing. Marx has also interpreted that the problem is class, but no one has explained in depth the role of elites that operates independently of class conflicts. Both the right and the left have elites, because through the various elites and the bureaucracy, politicians and parties are also expressed.

Citizens vote, elites decide, but that is the essence of representative democracy and the result. Where there are great rewards and experts, the model of capitalism cannot be questioned, so economists, for example, are forced to praise it and argue.

Even when their predictions fall out, as was the case in the 2008 crisis. They had said and insisted that we would have 3% growth and we had a recession and in fact the crisis was generalized.

Now we will have a general recession after the coronation and according to the IMF or recession will reach 3%, but apparently entire sectors of the economy are sinking such as tourism, transport, with energy consumption reduced by 50%.This is a punch in the stomach of the consumer model.

Tourism is a big consumption and the focus is on it, the transport itself. All this shows – and if this crisis has other phases – that we will be preoccupied with the phenomena for almost two years. Which means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well.

Capitalism once managed to get out of this crisis now. Its exemplary model will be stratified. The exemplary model is this model on which all the theories and policies of Liberalism are based.The forced adjustment to the big problem will lead Europe to cut new money and cut big capital.

This can create inflation, but inflation will hurt those who have liquidity again and not those who do not. In order to lose, capitalism will make concessions and give way to public goods. The corona is something that revealed the holes in the system shortly before the end. Now the big bet is the correction…

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